Finland tour, introduction, information and facts

A brief introduction to Finland, with a tour and information about the european country.

Situated in northern Europe between Sweden and Russia is the country of Finland. Finland covers a total area of 338,145 km2 that is covered in ice and snow for up to six months of the year. Finland is one of world's last great wildernesses. It has over 60,000 lakes and rivers, and over 100,000 islands - one for every 55 of its inhabitants.

With timber being Finland's major export item, it is not surprising that the country is covered in forests of pine trees and white birches. There are no towering mountains, as there are in Norway, and Finland is relatively flat with an average height of 152m. Finland has a climate that is extreme in regions north of the Arctic Circle, and temperatures may fall to -30C during the 6 months of winter. In this period it is rare to be able to view the sun as it only rises for a short period of time.

It isn't surprising that the Sauna originated from Finland. In the months of May, June and July, Finland celebrates its summer season. The summer sun (known as the Midnight Sun) doesn't set for three months and the people enjoy spending time in the great outdoors.

Finland is divided up into 12 provinces with over 50% of the population living in the five southernmost provinces. Finland's major cities and towns are Helsinki (capital), Espoo, Tampere, Turku and Vantaa. The two official languages of Finland are Finnish and Swedish, with approximately 5% of the population speaking Swedish. English is also taught at all public schools, and Finland boasts a 100% literacy rate.

With religion, the population are mostly Lutheran, with 1% being Greek Orthodox. In addition, there are approximately 16,700 Jehovah's Witnesses, 13,192 members of the Evangelical Free Church, 1,309 Jews, and 926 Muslims.

Finland is an independent nation. Its government employs a President, who holds supreme executive power. Finland gained its independence in 1917, where previously at different periods of time in history, Russia and Sweden ruled the country.

Finland is famous for its creative Architects and Musicians. Finland is also the home of the famous mobile phone, Nokia. Ice Hockey, Fishing, Skiing, and Ice Skating are the most popular sports in Finland, but Finland has also produced famous Rally drivers.

With its cold, long winter, Finland's tourism increases in the summer. With beautiful buildings to view in the cities, and a vast amount of lakes and rivers to explore in the country-side, Finland is truly an enchanting country to visit.

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