Planning a ski trip vacation to Courchevel: resorts, costs, clothes and weather

Courcheval, France is an excellent place to go skiing. Located in the French alps, it has several resorts to choose from depending on your needs.

Courcheval, France is an excellent choice for a ski vacation. Courcheval is located in the French Alps. Well-known for fantastic skiing, Courcheval also offers access to the three valley network, which gives you over 200 ski lifts and 330 downhill runs to choose from. Courcheval itself offers 63 lifts and 117 runs within the four separate villages that make up Courcheval. The resorts are based on their height in meters, with 1300 and 1500 being more quiet and family-oriented, and 1650 and 1850 much more cosmopolitan and chic. The ski season goes from mid-November to mid-April depending on the weather. Courcheval does have it’s own snow-making equipment and has been rated very high on both snow quality and quantity.

The prices for accommodations in each resort vary. Accommodations in the lower resorts can be had for around $100 per person per night for cheaper rooms to over $600 for the premium accommodations. The resorts of 1650 and 1850 are much more expensive, and small chalets abound for ski parties of just a few to over 30 members. These resorts offer very posh lodgings, with all the trimmings, include on-site catering of three meals a day. These are definitely more expensive, and can run anywhere from $750 a night per person to well over $1000.

The easiest and cheapest way to get to Courcheval is by air. The two nearest international airports are in Lyon, France and Geneva, Switzerland. The Courcheval resorts are less than three hours from either airport. Flights from the US to Courcheval will cost anywhere from $690-$1100 on average. However, it is always possible to get a good deal on a flight or entire ski package if you do your research online and go during a non-holiday time of the season.

Lift passes are available for only Courcheval and also for the three valleys, which cost a bit more. All four of the villages offer ski and boot rentals. They also offer some great ski instruction and have many good ski schools for those who are just learning or who need to brush up.

Courcheval also has activities for the non-shier and for after the skiing is over for the day. Other fun activities include walking trails, sledding, hang-gliding, hot air balloon rides, ice hockey and skating. The two higher resorts have great bars and nightlife, with the best ones being in 1850. There is a bar to appeal to everyone, however some of them are quite expensive. For those on a budget that still want to enjoy some evening fun, the restaurants and establishments in 1650 can offer better prices. For families and those on a very tight budget, the lower two resorts are their best bet. The food is still good, the atmosphere is family-friendly, and you can get an aperitif for a reasonable price.

The kind of clothing you will need in Courcheval is similar to any ski resort. It is best to dress in layers, so that you can remove or add layers as needed. Upscale clothes are recommended for evening activities. Anything you don’t have or forgot is available in the shopping areas of the resorts, but will probably be pricier than at home. It is important to dress sensibly and make sure to avoid exposure to the elements for very long periods of time.

Courcheval is one choice for those looking for an interesting place to go skiing. Most visitors think it is worth the price and have an excellent time while there. The people are friendly and helpful, and many speak English for the out of town tourist.

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